Photographer "Viewing the world with one eye" -

Music by: The Unborn Soul
"Into the Canyon"

Tommy Vigil - native flutes and drums
Mike Tait - guitars, synths
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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"Viewing the world with one eye"

Two of my great pleasures in life are travel and photography. I believe that travel broadens one's life experiences.
Immersing yourself in other cultures, and people from other countries aid me in seeing the beauty, and sometimes the ugliness of the world.

My interaction via my photography has helped me understand that all of our lives are sometimes interacted, and sometimes disconnected. This experience has made me appreciate my home, nature and other cultures. My sojourn has helped me become much more tolerant and appreciative of the difference in people.

Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences to captures scenes, actions and events as I see them using "one eye" through the lense of my camera. My aim is to capture the beauty that I see with the diversity and dynamics of the world. I have been motivated by the images of other photographers, as I hope my contributions will inspire others.

I believe the art of photography is a positive intrusive event, my goal is to capture reality and convert it using my personal vision, this all happens within 250th of a second

My camera captures what my eyes miss......

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PBR and Rodeo
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Buffalo Soldiers/Cowboys
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Wild Life
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First Americans
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Taste of Life
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Plant and Insects
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The old office
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Unique Views
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Studio Project
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Black and White
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New Studio Shoot
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Model Projects
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Staff model sessions
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Ice Light project
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Private Gallery
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Corporate Headshots
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Guestbook for N. Ray Jackson - Photography, LLC
Raymond Truitt(non-registered)
Way to go!
Melvena Woodard-Lewis(non-registered)
Ray...those pictures are amazing. I'm in awe of your talent.
paul cross(non-registered)
wow Ray awesome pictures!! Impressive my brother!!
linda switzer(non-registered)
Hi Ray! Beautiful work! Very proud of you!
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